Here are the answers to the most popular questions asked during our webinar. In case you have more questions, write to us on askme@ctrlvisa.com and we will happily reply soon.
What is the source of this visa information? How frequently is this updated?
All visa information is sourced directly from respective country immigration websites / offices by the team at TheWhiteboard.Company. We try our level best to update it as soon as possible.
Does this have any interface with Timatic which is an IATA product?
No, we currently do not any interface with Timatic.
Considering this is a platform, how is it linked to the vendor processing the visa?
We give you a vendor management module for you to input the vendor into the system and their ops process. In case you need integrations with your vendors, we provide that for you as part of the subscription plan. Thus, if your vendor has a portal then we integrate with the portal for you. If your vendor needs the applications in email format, then we can customise the same for you.
A manager may want to download an Excel sheet of doc status to clients at times. Is that possible too? Say for e.g. for a group of 50 passengers.
Yes, this is possible. A complete dump of applications with details like, applicant name, passport number, application status can be downloaded.
It's just a multiplicity of work if we need to enter the applicant credentials on the Immigration website. Why?
Credentials to log on for every embassy site is a requirement by the embassy. We can encrypt the log in and password for you on your systems. However, if there is a CAPTCHA you will have to enter it yourself. For form population, you can use our auto populate tool.
Does the system also update the fees into the system along with visa charges and GST ? So the cost price is dominated by your system and cannot be modified at all.
You will always have admin control to define your Buying & Selling Prices. Any changes made here will update the prices for your clients including GST and all other headers. The impact will show on real time.
In Finance, is there any option of adding photocopy charges/Attestation charges?
Yes, there is provision to add any additional charges incurred towards each application
Whose name will display over portal as it's our brand. Will it be Ctrl Visa or our brand over portal link?
The logo displayed will be yours throughout the portal. Depending on the plan you choose, Enterprise or Lite the url/domains can be set accordingly. In the Enterprise version we will host the entire system on your domain and your AWS server. We will manage it for you though. In the lite version you will be using our domain.
How's the portal secured for payment through card?
The portal is a SSL certified portal and we run external security audits from time to time to be sure of security given the sensitive data we collect. Regarding the payment gateway, we will integrate the system with a payment gateway of your choice for you.
What happens to my completed applications if I exit from the platform after 1 year?
As per your requirement, the data shall be handed over to you and then erased from our server.
If there are any changes from the embassy, when would it be updated on Ctrl Visa?
We try and update the details immediately within the first 24 hours of knowing of the information. However, if there is a major change in process of the embassy, that may take longer for us to go live.
Can we have Administrator ID to manage the sub-IDs? For example can the Administrator ID permit sub-ID to view all applications which are created by other sub-IDs or not?
When you do subscribe to the system, we will be sharing administrator rights with you and you will have full control of all sub ids and users. As an admin you will have view of your own team and your clients transactions.
Can one have access to all of the visa documentation (visa database)?
Yes. Its part of the content that comes pre-loaded in the system. You also have the option of re-writing it if you want the control.
Does the system guide / prompt which visa type should the applicant apply?
Under the Visa information, the system offers a complete information on all types of visas offered by a particular country. The user will have to choose the visa type which suits best to his needs
Is it a SAAS model ?
Yes, the technology is offered as a SAAS model. This makes it accessible to all travel partners without having to invest heavily for an all round technology and use as per their respective requirement.
How often is the system updated on the visa requirements ?
A team is dedicated to update all visa requirements and depending on the amount of change required a 24 Hrs TAT is set.
What is Ctrl Visa's earning in this ?
Since, cost is a key concern in all organisation, our Ctrl Visa system is based on per application transaction fee. You do better, we do better!
Along with the visa documentation update, do you also update the visa fees as well when it gets updated by embassy?
No, we do not control the pricing. However, we do share the information with you and you can update the same.
Information updated on your site is gathered from which source and can we rely on the same?
All of the visa information is sourced directly from respective country immigration websites / offices by the team at TheWhiteboard.Company. We try our level best to update it as soon as possible. We have a dedicated team also maintaining regular checks on all visa types and requirements for any information that may have not been communicated to us by the embassy.
In the Finance column, how we can add additional charges such as photo charges/Photocopies/Attestation/Courier, etc.
If it's a fixed fee, you can include it in the product fee as part of the product component in the cost price module we provide to the admin user. Alternately, as part of the offline/sticker visa flow, we also have any incidental charges during processing can be charged through our Runner App.
If under 1 id, if there are 5 applicants and out of which 2 are pending due to some reason, will it have any impact on other 3 visa approvals or it will be processed without any hassle?
No, there will be no impact to the approved visa applications.
If the travel agent does not upload the required documents, what will be turn around time and logistics involved in this?
The system only permits submission of complete applications. Hence if the application is not submitted due to incomplete documents, there is no TAT. Your operations manager and the admin will be able to view if the travel agent has incomplete applications and you will be able to follow up on the application with the travel agent.
Still have some questions?
Please ask us and we will be happy to answer the same.