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About Ctrl Visa
Created by the team with over 30 years in Visa business and over 50 years in Travel Business. Supported companies like VFS Global to build their marketing and technology solutions. Worked with biggest travel companies in India Including Kuoni, SOTC, Cox & Kings, Ezeego1.
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Ctrl Visa has all the components to deliver a seamless intelligent visa solution that is right for your business.

A Visa Application Software to process visas, easily.

Now process any kind of documents and forms, for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, All the time.
What is Ctrl Visa?
Module based SaaS solution.
Choose what you like based on your business needs.
Frontend Module

B2C Website

B2B Travel Agent

Retail team


Direct Link to applicant
Operations Module
Online Document Verification

Online Form Quality Check

Physical Document Collections & Verification

Document Tracking
Submission module
Embassy Integrations

Vendor Integrations

Submission Officer App

Submission Tracking
Some key features of Ctrl Visa
How does Ctrl Visa help you?
  • Anywhere Working
    Web based technology allows your team to work from anywhere
  • Expand Geographies
    Ctrl Visa enables you to expand Geographies and reduce space costs
  • Increased Efficiencies
    The technology enables staff to work smarter and faster increasing productivity and efficiencies
  • Increased Staff
    So the same number of staff can process higher number of applications
  • Track Every Step Online
    It helps tracking and monitoring application status, sales and documents
  • Inbuilt Intelligence
    We care about our clients' time. Just give us a call, and we will help you with all the questions.
Visa Process you Control
You define your process and Ctrl Visa will adapt to your process
  • Ctrl
    Point of sale
    You can power any point of sale from websites through API’s, Retails staff, Call centre, Corporates, B2B travel agents etc. Link to direct customers/applicants.
    Integrations with the existing systems.
  • Ctrl
    Customise the forms based on your needs and requirements.
    Visa forms based on embassy formats already ready in the system for India as a source country.
    Scalable for any source markets.
  • Ctrl
    Customise the Documents based on your needs and requirements.
    Visa Documents based on embassy forms are already ready in the system for India as a source country.
    Scalable for any source markets.
  • Ctrl
    You can decide how the applications flows from point of sale to operations to the end point*. You control process, people, price, all workflows.

    * vendor, embassy, applicant etc
  • Ctrl
    Flexible pricing structure allows you to control fixed cost as well as commision, services fees. Completely Tax compliant including GST.
    Scalable to include currencies as well as local tax structures.
  • Ctrl
    Manage one or multiple vendors for every service. Manage the way you want to interact with them - API’s, integration, emails, etc.
Ctrl Visa Advantages.
  • One Platform
    Sales, Operations, Finance & Vendors all on one platform
  • Seamless
    Seamless interaction with the travel agent through the system
  • Accounting
    Built in Financial Modules
  • Intelligence
    Skill Based Routing
  • Automation
    Visa Type wise in-built processes & automation
  • All Visas
    All countries and visa types processing available through the system
Ctrl Visa is available as a SaaS Product.
  • Low Cost
    No purchase cost of the application.
    No hardware cost.
    Saving on support and service costs.
  • Fast Implementation
    No long and expensive process of implementation of application.
    Simplicity of working with the application.
    Easy employee mobilization.
  • Always Updated
    Access to the current version of the software.
    Auto updated for all users.
  • Customization
    Personalization and Customization as per need.
    Easy to Scale.
    Easier to Expand to New Markets.
  • Secure
    Security guarantee.
    Business continuity.
    Disaster recovery.
    Stability and Predictability.
  • Availability
    Access application data from anywhere.
    No need to install any applications on the user's computer.
Ctrl Visa Features.
Sales Channel Features.
30 plus features
  • Intelligent
    Inbuilt validations and process flow for all Visa forms as per respective embassy / vendor requirement
  • Doc Manager
    Inbuilt logic of document collection as per embassy / vendor requirement.
  • Passport Reader
    Automated passport reader for a quick form filling
  • Notifications
    Notifications and alerts on portal and on emails for actions on submitted applications
  • Visa Content
    Destination wise visa information available for the users
  • Cancelations
    Cancelation request within system
  • Status Updates
    Real time updates of statuses of applications from submit to approved and beyond
  • Visa Vault
    Vault for Approved, Cancel, Rejected visas
  • Finance
    Automated invoice generation, access to ledgers, top ups & credits requests
Operations Features.
35 plus features
  • Verification
    System guided document verification process for each visa type
  • Quality Check
    System guided quality check of application form for each visa type
  • Interaction
    System led interaction with the travel agent for incorrect/additional documents or form
  • Image Editor
    Inbuilt image editor with auto resizing & cropping features
  • Breaks
    Provision for team members to manage their breaks & end of shifts within the system
  • Load Balance
    Auto assignment of application considering work load balance
  • Batch Upload
    Upload Multiple Approved or Cancelled or Rejected visas (Batch upload)
  • Payouts
    Record embassy / vendor payments and reference number for each application
  • Embassy
    Feasibility of embassy portal integration for quick processing
Admin Features.
20 plus features
  • Vendor Management
    Vendor Creation. Product Mapping. Vendor Pricing. Operations Process and Payments
  • Product Management
    Product creation. Add on Services. Vendor Mapping
  • Selling Price Management
    Plan wise pricing. Client pricing. Product level pricing. Gross Profit management
  • Client Management System
    Create / Edit Travel Agents and corporates.
    Activate / Deactivate clients in the system.
    Create / Edit users for the travel agent and corporate
  • User Management System
    Create / Edit Users for Principle Organisation.
    Activate / Deactivate users for Principle Organisation
  • Entity Management System
    Territory Set Up with hierarchy for branches, franchisee and companies. Gross Operating Profit. Applicability of Rate Of Exchange
Finance Features.
20 plus features
  • Credit Management System
    Offers 3 Types of Credit Extension System. Credit Approval Workflow. Ageing Report
  • Top-up Management
    Approve or Reject payments made by various modes by travel agents
  • Vendor Payment Management
    Listing of Vendor wise Amounts Paid Vs Payable
  • Automated Invoice
    Access to Client wise ledgers and Invoices
  • Real Time Dashboard
    Daily Sales Report. Total Gross Profit. Current Gross Profit %. Purchases Advances Vs Payables
  • Receivable Management
    Summary & Detailed Client wise listing of payments receivable
Technology Features.
35 plus features
  • Schema-based Reasoning Engine
    This rule engine based on the profile of the customer maps data attributes and documents
  • Assessment and assignment Rule Engine
    Stores and builds repository of assessment information along with retention of application
    Also based on the background of the applicant, triggers assignment logic
  • Workflow Rule Engine
    Intelligent workflow to know where the application is and where it needs to be next
  • Case-based Reasoning Engine
    Repository of historical data with case history that can be used for predictive data analysis and revising hypothesis
Start - Up
Yearly Subscription Fee
₹ 100,000/-
₹ 500,000/-
Per Transaction E-Visa
₹ 40/-
₹ 30/-
₹ 20/-
All pdf material on e-mail
₹ 60/-
₹ 50/-
₹ 30/-
Monthly Minimum Per Transaction Guarantee Amount
₹ 10,000/-
₹ 50,000/-
Content for 1 nationality 1 Residency combination
₹ 1,000/-
Content Every Additional 1 Nationality 1 Residency combination
₹ 1,000/-
₹ 1,000/-
₹ 1,000/-
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